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My mother, born December 24, 1937, was adopted at one month of age. After her adoptive mother died in January, 1996, she started looking in earnest for her birth mother. After many doors were slammed in her face, most notably by Catholic Charities of Mississippi, I began the search on the internet. Thanks to AIML (The Adoptees Internet Mailing List) and the wonderful people there, I got many tips on how to search. Mom was reunited with her birth family on April 14, 1997. Her mother was dead, but there were many aunts and uncles to get acquainted with. What follows are some links to help if you want to search for someone.

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AIML - a mailing list for adoptees and adoptee lites
AOL Reunion Registry
Adoption Search Resources
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Social Security Homepage
Stalker's Home Page - Lots of Search Links
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